About ProtectPolice.org & Mayors Against Illegal Guns

ProtectPolice.org is a project of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a bi-partisan coalition of more than 300 mayors in more than 40 states.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns is dedicated to making America’s cities safer by cracking down on illegal guns. The illegal gun issue has nothing to do with the Second Amendment and everything to do with law enforcement. Mayors have a responsibility to protect their communities and the police officers who put their lives on the line every day. This means working to keep guns out of the hands of criminals; imposing tough punishments on those who sell and possess illegal guns; and ensuring that police officers have the tools they need – including critical gun trace data – to do their jobs effectively. Illegal guns are firearms that are sold, bought, transferred, possessed, or used in violation of existing federal, state, and local laws, usually by those who already have criminal records.

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Law Enforcement United on Tiahrt Amendment

More than 20 national and state police organizations oppose the Tiahrt Amendment. The national groups opposing Tiahrt include: Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCCA); International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP); and Police Executive Research Foundation, and Police Foundation.

[l|sites/all/files/docs/LE_Opposing_Tiahrt_2007.pdf|Read the letter from law enforcement across America opposing the Tiahrt Amendment (PDF).]


pic_obamaThe coalition is pleased that President Obama, both during the campaign and since taking office, has taken a common sense stand against gun crime by joining the call for the Tiahrt restrictions to be removed.
[l|node/12|Learn more about White House support for removing the Tiahrt restrictions]